Request for statistic data


Request for statistic data


Information obtained in the request is confidential and not subject to disclosure. This information is required for specification of statistic data which are required by a Company as well as calculation the price.

The detailed information should be given for the following questions:

Name of client

Contact person of client

Client’s phone number and address

Field of activity, selling goods and services

^ Name of data and social indicators which you are required for

Give HS code/for goods/(not less than 4 figures, if you don’t know HS good number, you can find it at the following reference

^ Category of data (production volume, export volume/import volume etc.)

Geography of data (please specify range of data you are required, for example, by CIS countries, regions, cities, districts etc.)

Specify the year (s), quarters on required data

Expected terms of providing information

If you have some problems in filling in this form, please give your contact information and information about your company and our specialists will contact you and assist in forming a request.

Please, send the above information to the following email and our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.